Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Tues LT Report: 4.5 Miles @ 6:25

Workout started out blazingly fast with Ed & Matt pushing the first mile @ 6 minute pace. Then it seemed to settle back down as we took an extended mile under North Ave, and ran North into the wind up to Navy Pier. Unfortunately, I didn't take much advantage of the tailwind for long when my run crashed and burned at 4.5. My failure to get my pre-run bidness out of the way resulted in an emergency pitstop at the North Ave Boat House. TMI, I am sure.

This Saturday will be a good test of progress. Goal is to go under 6:30 for the Soldier Field 10 Miler. Phil and Matt will be running as well.

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Ed said...

Rick u fast SOB!!!! Nice work in the soldier field 10 brodder.