Thursday, January 18, 2007


What a weekend!!!

BTW, how can it possibly be COLDER in Phoenix than it was in Chicago when we left? I thought we were doing this marathon down there because it was supposed to be WARMER.....

So I took the whole notion of carb loading to an extreme. Shall we just call it carb "overloading" for the time-being. After a mid-week visit to Solomon's cookies, located right next door to my Vision Quest guys, for $28 worth of cookies, I proceeded to devour nearly anything that wasn't nailed down in the house with sugar in it. Ed and I, in order to complete the cycle, stopped by store on the way out of town. I now have at least one more fan of the "goods"... and they are good. See link below for additional love handles and tooth decay.

As for the marathon, it was a sizzling 28 degrees when we got down to the start. Well done on the porta potty supply, but give us some heat!!! Preferred corral was only modestly full and not overly full with fast runners (meaning really fast, not "Gibson" fast). I was quite excited about the eastbound course only to find that the wind decided to shift to become a wind from the EAST. Oh, well. Not a strong wind, just an annoying one. Nice course, good and flat, a reasonably amount of turns...... but nearly NO people. Given the ability to defect to the Half, I believe that the spectators did the same from what I heard. At about 15, I realized my "dream" of sub-3 was at risk because of ADD that I was experiencing. I was a good 90 seconds off time, somewhat similar to my fate in Chicago. So I gave it about 3 sub-640 miles beginning at 18 and then cobbled together the remaining at 640-645 to slip in just a mere 15 seconds ahead of the bell. Trust me, I don't like hearing countdowns while heading toward finish lines. For results on other great accomplishments, I have the link below. Other notable finishers include:

Eduardo Ledesma

Meshelle Osborne

Brian Sweney

A couple photos from the weekend.....

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